Your gamified 
biking app!

Document your biking activities, collect badges on the bike paths, join scavenger hunts and contests, win coupons, and bike for great prizes!


All your data from the different apps at one glance on our new platform. Regard your achievements, manage your account, or invite friends for private battles.

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You want to document your biking performance? No problem!

The tracker provides information on your achievements, for example, your top and average speeds, covered distance or altitude difference or the time you were on the trail. You don’t need a permanent connection to the internet, just GPS would do!

Badges & scavenger hunts

Go for scavenger hunts and collect badges for your activities!

The badges are the medals for your efforts, like a certain distance or duration of your bike tour. But there are also badges hidden at certain locations which are to be discovered in a scavenger hunt. Find them all and win fantastic prizes!


Compete with other users and show them what you can do!

Your activities and times count in the contests. For your efforts, you earn badges and points. The more points you have, the higher your position in the ranking and the bigger your chances to win attractive prizes!


You need a good appeal for biking? We reward your efforts!

The coupons behind the badges contain vouchers, gifts and discounts from brands, destinations, or local stores. You can redeem them to reward yourself for your athletic effort. Further, exclusive prizes await you in scavenger hunts and contests!

Livefeed & Ranking

The livefeed shows you what is happening right now at MAPtoBIKE and who is leading at the contest.
Are you already inside the top 10?

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For business

Direct connection to your users, less effort, maximum result - our marketing-tool!

We boost the reach of your campaign by using interaction marketing, gamification, location-based marketing and couponing. Whether you be a brand, a destination, or a local store, start your campaign with MAPtoBIKE now! Visit the MapCase website for more information.

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